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Affordable sessions are available.  Please don't hesitate to contact me to discuss your options.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Package

£120 Package

This includes: 

An inital 10 minute phonecall to ensure that it is appropriate for me to see you.
An hour long appointment where I will assess your diet and provide the appropriate dietary changes and guidance.  
In advance of this appointment I will ask you to complete a food record diary so that I can look at your intake prior to the appointment, so that we can make full use of the appointment time.   
Appropriate literature will be given at the appointment - this includes the list of low FODMAP foods, meal suggestions and a low FODMAP shopping guide.
A typed report will be provided afterwards.

Appropriate anthropometric measurements will be taken where necessary e.g. weight, height, waist circumference.

A 30 minute follow up appointment will take place 4-8 weeks after the appointment.

Nutrient Analysis of your Diet
(with or without body composition analysis)

(+/- £30)

Do you suffer from tiredness, weak hair, dry skin, mouth ulcers or any other symptoms that you feel might be related to your diet?  If this is the case, this appointment is ideal for you.  

This hour and a half appointment will provide you with an indepth analysis of your nutritional intake - highlighting any deficiencies or excesses and whether a deficiency of certain nutrients are causing your symptoms.  

Dietary changes can then take place which will improve your health and well being for the long term.

Weight, height and BMI are calculated and discussed.

 The full body composition analysis is ideal for those wanting to see how healthy their body is internally (see below for more information).

A typed report will be emailed to you after the consultation.

Body Composition Analysis


Ever wondered how healthy your body is on the inside. This 30 minute appointment will educate you on your body fat percentage and muscle levels in addition to bone health, hydration level and resting metabolic rate. This appointment can be used as a one off tool or as a regular appointment to assess body composition changes over time.

Corporate Wellness

£225 - £600

Health and well being are so important for the productivity and morale of your work force.  Our sessions are informative and interactive so that your work force will be motivated and excited to make dietary changes.

NutriViva can offer:
Nutritional Seminars
Informative and fun, for up to 30 people, 45 minutes

1:2:1 Sessions
20 minute review session with personalised feed back.

This can take place over a full day or a half day.

Full Day
Nutritional Seminar (45mins)
15 x 1-2-1 Sessions

Half Day
Nutritional Seminar (45 mins)
7 x 1-2-1 Sessions 

Individual Dietary Assessment and Advice


An initial consultation will take 1 hour (a body composition assessment can be done at an additional cost of £20 when booked at the time of your appointment.  This is non invasive and uses bio-electrical impedence.  It simply requires you to stand on a scales)

Personalised dietary information will be discussed during the appointment and a full report will be emailed to you within 48 hours of your appointment.

Low Fodmap Advice

  • Don't let your IBS rule your life.   Take control with a low fodmap diet. 
  • Hour long appt

  • Plus additional 30 min appt

Body Composition Analysis

  • Find out whether your body is truely healthy or not.                                              

  • 30 minute appt                   

Nutrient Analysis

  • Find out what nutrients your body is missing to stay healthy. Body compostion analysis can also be carried out.
  • 1hr 30min appt - 2hr appt.        

Specific Dietary Assessment

  • Find out how nutrition can help you to feel better.                                                                     
  • 1 hour appt